School Bullying The Case of Selected Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study investigated the prevalence ,the nature and attitudes of bullying among students in grades 11 and 12 from four selected schools in Addis Ababa based on convenience & ownership type namely Yekatit-12 & Medhanialem schools (Government owned), Holy Trinity(Faith based), Vision Academy(Private). A self report questionnaire was used to obtain data from a convenience sample of 450 students with the average age of 17.Two percent reported to have been bullied and bully others on regular basis. Nine percent had watched others got bullied since school had started this year. Almost half the respondents believed they were bullied for no particular reason while 10% of them were bullied because of their gender, their physical appearances (Height or weight).Religion and ethnicity had no or minimal relationship with bully-related experiences. Chisquare tests indicated impact of getting bullied to have no significant difference among school types .A one way analysis of variance yielded, Vision Academy, a private school, to have more bully-related experiences than the faith and government owned school types. The classroom and the way to/from schools had been reported to be the most susceptible spots for bullying. A two way analysis of variance had yielded a statistically significant relationship between school type and attitude towards bullying with large effect size (eta=.14) implying a faith based school to have more pro-bullying attitude. Students indeed had gone through the experience of bullying though it was not clear how distressful and hurtful the experience was and there were no mechanisms in any of the schools to channel incidents as they crop up