AAU Freshman Students' Views And Preferences With Respect to Structure-Based Versus Task-Based Approaches to ELT

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to find out the views of AAU freshman students regarding the task-based approach to ELT as compared to their previous English language learning experiences. The sample population of the study were 178 AAU freshman students on th~ Main and Arat Kilo campuses. These subjects had been exposed to the new Freshman English materials since their arrival at the university. To obtain the necessary information, a questionnaire wi th nineteen items that aimed to assess views on 1) structure-based approach (2) task-based approach, and 3) classroom organizations w~ prepared and administered to the students. To consolidate the information obtained through the questionnaire, classroom observations were also carried out. The students' views on the structure - and task-based approaches were compared. The study showed that there was a significant statistical difference between the students' views on the two approaches. The students' views on the task-based approach were more positive than their views on the structural approach. An at.tempt was also made to assess the students' views on the classroom organizations pertinent to the task-based approach. The study showed that the respondents favoured the organizational techniques like pair and group work which suited the task-based language learning activities. As a whole the study showed that the respondents were more favourably disposed towards the task-based approach in general, and about the new materials and the methodology used-to implement the approach in particular.



AAu Freshman Students