The Effect of Birth Order On Academic Achievement Motivation

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Addis Ababa University


The present study addresses to Jee the effect of birth order on amdemit achievement motivation. This Issue has been a matter of great debate among researdJerJ for over a mltllf). Thzj- is also olle of the least resean'hed areas of mnm,l in Ethiopia; hence, it gave inpiration to investigate the effect of birth order on amdemit athievement motivation of ninth grade adolescents who Jvcre taken from f2vo high schools in Addis Ababa. It was hypotheJized that first-borns are highly motivated t01vardJ edumtion, males andfomales diffor in amdemit athievemeJJt motivation due to birth ordn; and birth order highly affectJ adolescCllts with lar;ge Jibling size. 164 parti'ipants (male 83, femaie 81) took part in the study after being randomly seiected from one private and one government high schooiJ in AddiJ Ababa. A seifreport family background queJtionnaire and an adapted athievement motivaf2im s,,,les Ivere the insh1I!JJellts used in carrying out the study. Analysis of variance (ANOVA-both One W0' and Two 1,f;70') was employed to analyze the data with SPSS Padeage. The reJuit!' indimted that firJt-borJJs are supen'or in amdemic achievement motivation to otherJ in birth ordel: No signifimllt diffore",~ was obJerved bef2veen maie and female JtlldentJ. The effeit of birth order zS found to be high with big Jibling Jize.



Academic Achievement Motivation