Demand for Public and Private Health Care Services in Addis Ababa

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The study is ill tended to investigate the factors that influence the demand for private and public health services ill Addis Ababa. It is undertaken with the view of adding to the existing meager research ill the area. It used the Welfare Monitoring Data 2004 collected by The Central Statistical Authority of Ethiopia. It adopted the multinomial logiest regression to measure the significance of the different individual, household and structural and supplier variables ill the demand for health services. Both the descriptive and the econometric analysis revealed different individual, household and structural vandals do affect the demand for hearth services from both types of providers. one profound result of the study is that still the majority of the residents of Addis Ababa cannot pay for health care and hence the cost recovery scheme in the case of public health provision should be revisited. Further the importance individuals attach to quality in all types of providers should urge the government as well as private providers to give sufficient attention to quality considerations.



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