An Assessment of the Roles of Grievance Hearing Office on the Promotions of Good Governance: The Case of Guna Begemidir woreda

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This study assessed the roles of grievance hearing offices on the promotions of good governance in Guna Begemidir wereda. In this study a simple descriptive research design was employed. It was also done by using a mixed approach research methodology. The questionnaires and interviews were used as data collection instruments or techniques. The collected data were analyzed and interpreted by using the Statistical Package for the Social Scientists (SPSS) computer software. A total of 320 respondents from 1,583 total populations were included in the study. The study also investigated by using purposive sampling. The data were gathered through questionnaire, interview, and document analysis. Quantitative data were analyzed using percentage and Frequency whereas qualitative data were analyzed based on the quantitative dada. The study revealed that the grievance hearing offices in general plays a great role on the promotions of good governance but in Guna Begemidir wereda this office could not act as such. This was because the offices were ineffective in resolving the grievances of customers.The major short comes of the grievance hearing offices not to resolve the grievances of the customers were the low salary of the grievance hearing officers and the dependency of the grievance hearing offices by the supervisors. Though this were the major obstacles, but the lack of implementations of the given law and the low educational levels of the grievance hearing officers could also recognized by this study as the short comes of the grievance hearing offices. There were no actions taken by the grievance hearing offices in this wereda to strength their role in resolving citizens‘ grievances, but there are deferent indications to be taken to strengthen the grievance hearing offices. These include; the government is expected to prepare successive training for grievance hearing officials, allocate the proper payment for the employees‘ in the grievance hearing offices, the grievance hearing offices are also expected to clarifying their performance to the citizens. In addition to this, they also expected to be simplicity and promptness in their actions. In the same way, in order to make the performance of grievance hearing offices more effective and productive, the grievance hearing offices are expected to conform to the existing legislation. At the end of the investigation, this study also recommended to which it concerns.