Wave Reconstruction Imaging(Holography) and its Application

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Addis Ababa University


The three dimensional imaging holography has many application in physics and other science ,as a result many text describe the constructing and reconstructing techniques of different types of holograms .However; these descriptions are hard to understand easily and apply ,especially in our country Ethiopia .Since there are no trends actually done on the applications of holography , strong researches are not yet carried out ,and the subject not included in the curriculum for education in high schools and in university ,Hence in this project work I am interested to make it clear so that everyone can understand and use it effectively . In this project work ,it tries to cover the basic theories,facts and principles of the physics of holography ,in addition to this the theoretical and the experimental backgrounds to make an advanced transmission hologram , how to reconstruct it and measure the image distance and height.Moreover; the lateral magnification elaborated qualitatively and quantitatively by reconstructing the transmission hologram , so as one can understand how we can able to determine the unknown wavelength of laser used in reconstruct the hologram but not in constructing the hologram. Finally holography can be put to a variety of uses other than recording images. so the knowledge of holography is very important to our country to overcome problems in our day to day activities like holographic data storage technique that can store and others, then at the end of this project work i am tried to included some of the applications of holography



Wave Reconstruction