Electrochemical Determination of Catechol in Tea Amples Using Anthraquinone Modified Carbon Paste Electrode

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Addis Ababa Universty


The electrochemical behavior of catechol was investigated using square wave voltammetry with anthraquinone modified CPE and was found to be very sensitive. The modified electrodes showed an enhancement of current response for catechol as compared to the unmodified carbon paste electrode. Two varieties of tea, namely Green tea, and Wush Wush tea were investigated. Responses for the extracts using ethanol: water mixture showed green tea to be superior in catechol content. Optimization of different variables such as pH of working solution, modifier composition and square wave parameters such as frequency, amplitude and step potential were made to improve the method efficiency during the experiment. The reproducibility for the nine repeated analysis of 80 μmolL-1 of catechol gave a relative standard deviation of 3.65%, indicating excellent reproducibility of the method. Linear calibration plots were obtained in the range 6 to 80 μmolL-1 with (R = 0.99853) and the detection limit with (S/N=3) was as low as 2.155x10-7 molL-1



Catechol in Tea