Effects of Service Year and Level of Stress on Teacher Performance: The Case of AwAssa College of Teacher Education

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study is to assess the effects of service year and levels of stress on teacher performance. The study also intends to explore the major stressors and stress dimension that cause stress in college teachers. In order to identify the sources of teacher stress, 30 items of self reported questionnaire was administered to a randomly selected 50 (45 male and 5 female) respondents from the total of 96(90 male and 6 female) college teachers. Besides, the performance of each sample teacher was observed two times by using 25 items checklist. Percentage analysis was conducted to find out the magnitude of teacher stress. Mean rank analysis was employed to examine the major stressors. One way ANOVA was used to investigate the association between stress with demographic information. Linear correlation and curve estimation were utilized to find out the association between teacher stress and performance. Two-way ANOVA was conducted to examine the effects of service year and levels of stress on teacher's performance. Result indicated that 64 % of teachers rated their job is much or extremely stressful. The major stressors were associated with administrative issues. BAlBSc, beginners and whose rank was graduate assistant-I reported significantly more stress than MAlMSc, experienced and lecturer. The performances of teachers in moderate level of stress significantly differ from teachers performance in low and high levels of stress. Curve estimation showed and inverse 'U' shape curve relationship between stress and performance. This relationship was found to be . 62(Eta=. 62) Results were discussed with reference to the existing literature. Suggestion for the amelioration of the situation and implications of future researches are also proposed.



assess the effects of service year