Factors Affecting Performance Audit Practice: A Case of Office of Oromia Auditor General

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Addis Ababa University


The major purpose of this study was to assess factors affecting performance audit practice: a case of OOAG. For the accomplishment of this, the study were employed descriptive Survey design in which the selections of the respondents were carried out by using purposive sampling techniques and select 35 respondents ( 26 & 9 of all performance auditors and management members respectively) in the office. Closed ended questionnaires using Likert 5 scales distributed to these selected 35 respondents in the office. The data collected have analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) which is appropriate for this descriptive statistics. For statistical interpretation uses tables, percentages, bar and pie-charts, means and standard deviation. Based on the data analysis made and results obtained OOAG have a clear legal mandate to undertake performance audit and moderately exercising its legal mandate to have and decide its own financial and human resource requirement to accomplish its mission, Moreover OOAG not provided with sufficient financial resource that enable in accomplish its task and There is no as such, pre-condition or convenient work environment to get competent employees such as attractive salary, other benefit packages and especially privileged to upgrade their skills and knowledge, which help them to ensure the accountability of government agencies and to improve performance of government agencies, as a result the OOAG performance Auditors are not well experienced on various analysis tools and techniques. Having a legal mandate and effectively exercising it also means having a freedom to decide on resources, tasks to be carried out and also having a power visible enough that can force recommendations to be implemented, The regional parliament/“Caffee” must be given financial independence and the OOAG should have independence in the areas of budget as necessary to accomplish its mission, and also OOAG should Look in to several schemes or suggests some strategies on how to create convenient work environment and strives to find out the possible solutions clearly communicate with concerned body “Caffee” salaries, benefit packages and rewards to get or retain/attain well competent experienced auditors which can help to improve performance audit practice in the office.


A Project report Submitted to Addis Ababa University, College of Business and Economics, Department of Accounting and Finance in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Master‟s Degree in Accounting and Auditing


Performance Audit, Performance Audit Practice