Exploring Pest Management Practices and Development of Knowledge Base System for Pepper Disease Diagnosis

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Addis Ababa University


This paper presents survey results of farmers’ current pest management practice and knowledge and associated problems. It presents a knowledge base system in the area of agriculture and describes the design and development of the rule based expert system using prolog shell. The designed system is intended for the diagnosis of common diseases occurring in pepper plant. A knowledge base system is a computer program composed of a knowledge base, an inference engine and a user interface. The proposed knowledge base system has a user interface and provides diagnosis knowledge on the basis of response(s) of the user made against the queries related to particular disease symptoms. The system integrates a structured knowledge base that contains knowledge about symptoms and remedies of diseases in the pepper plant appearing during their life span. Survey results of current pest management practice and associated problems are included in the research to show the importance of developing a knowledge base system. The system has been tested with domain dataset, and results given by the system have been validated with domain experts.



Exploring Pest Management Practices