Supply Chain Upstream Integration through Inbound Logistics (The Case of Kality Metal Products Factory)

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Addis Ababa University


This paper aims to explore whether inbound logistics improvement in the supply chain fosters an improvement of upstream supply chain integration. An explorative research design is implemented; correlation analysis is used to identify linear relationships between dependent and independent variables. In the analysis result it is clearly seen that, all the dimensions of an inbound logistics are positively and linearly correlated with upstream integration. Results highlight the importance supply chain professionals of taking an internal supply chain dimensions rather than focusing only on intra-company drivers. It also suggests the importance of exploring supply chain integration by considering core value chain activities. Past research has identified the impacts of supply chain integration intra-company drivers without addressing the importance of how much of the supply chain internal functions should be involved in such improvement efforts. This study provides empirical support for the need to involve supply chain internal dimensions of the supply chain



Supply chain upstream Integration, Inbound logistics, Inter-company driver