Documentation of the D'irasha wood-wind musical ;nstruments and their role in the culture: with particular emphasis on Fila

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Addis Ababa Universiy


The concern of this thesis has been on the wood-wind musical instruments of D'irasha society in general with great emphasis on one, locally termed as Fila in particular. The undertaking, investigates the traditional wood-wind musical instruments within their cultural contexts with the aim of demonstrating their significance in the social and cultural lives of the society members and, thereby, to draw a fuller picture of the society and its overall cultural settings in the constantly changing situations. The research shows that the music and dances of J)'irasha as not a mere means of expressing joy or grief, nor as just a means of er.tertainment. They have other roles that are beyond these mundane functions. The main research question centre on the how of the woodwind musical instruments are prepared and played and more specifically, on how the Fila, one of the major wood-wind musical instruments of the D'irasha, is made and put into uses. The Fila, manifesting diatonic and diminished scales features as unique or quite uncommon as compared to the other traditional musical instruments of Ethiopia is an intriguing one. Hence, as the results show, there has been urgent need of extensive research by experts in the field on the traditional musical instruments of the country. Moreover, due to the power of the media and the natural influence of the music of one community on that of the others in the country, many of the less widely known I traditional musical instruments and their music are undergoing changes to the point where the initial forms and features may become unrecognizable after a time, or disappear from the scene altogether. Generally, the results imply the need for and urgency of studies on the country's diverse traditional musical instruments and documentation along with the musical productions and other relevant data as fully as possible.



Documentation of the D'irasha wood-wind musical ;nstruments