An Assessment on Factors That Affect Job Satisfaction of the Adminstartive Staffs of Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this descriptive- corelational study was to examine factorl affecting illh satisfaction of Administrative staff' of Addis Ahaha UniFerlitl' and ,"e(lSlrillg lile In('/ II/ sali.~faclion curren/ly experienced by employees. fhal is the Jerel ojlll'end/ luh \/II/\"/I1( fIlIl/ and satisiaction with the five modified JDlfactors, The IItiler (i"ulu"telliu//""'!,,,\(' ,,/ 1/'" s/udy was fa Look in /0 as /0 how Her:herg '.\'(/959) tll/olify fh(,()/T Olll/Olll'u/Iln olld 1I1)!/('//c ' jac/ors in the con/ext of higher eduealioJ? conlexl in del'(~ /ol}ing ("Ollll!r/('\ like Fill/fitI/o I .. IDols of analysis, descripfive slalisfies (/'-equencies. IJercfl1/uR,l' . 11/('(/11 lIlld ,)ul/dot'l1 tilT/III/oil were ulilized. Moreover, the Pearson Product Momenl ('orre/ulloll ('(Jelijelelll. ,\/111111)/(' Regressions Analysis, Analysis of variance IAN()VA) and Sche!k ',I 1II11/I//,le (''' '''/'"/'1'''",' Method (Post hoc test) were used as an inferential slOti,lI/cul 1II11/. .4 rumllllll I"",/,Ie ,,/ :r,~ permanent and non academic employees of Addis Ahaha UniFerlll, ' \1 'al selected 1/1 u statistical sample, And 213 useable responses were ohtained (iWo% r"'l'ol1.le rate ) //lIng" stratified random sampling technique, Employing a dcscril'ti,'e-mrrel(f/i\'e ,""'1'(', ' "/('Ih"d and data were collected through modijied/oh descl'ljJlil'e i/1(/er 1/'i ,,1 IIs!'d I" g"II",,. /"'""",., data (Bove, 2007) questioner, The stud)' fOllnd that the o\'eroll illh 1 (/0.1'/" 1'0"0 1'0 g""",.,,{ term!)) sali,\jaction in general terms) was a morlerale one . III wldilioll if " "(/\ IUlII/d !I/(II /l/o/t ' employees were less satisfied (han female ones .rls (lIr (/s 117(' /('1'('/.\ (lj .\iI{njlll'f11l1l II/ employee 'with work ilself. pay, prOmO{;cJl1s. cmllorkers rehll/ol1. SII/W/THIOII 11'('/"( ' COI/Ct' I"//( 'r/ the Administrative staff of AAU showed low le vels oflatis(i,etion in relllli"n IIlIh /"'" ' '',,/ promotion and show a medium level ofsatisfaClion in relaflot/ Il"ill1 Ihe 11(/lllre of \I'ork IlltT are doing (the work itself) and the prevailing supervision. The onlrji,,'et,I' o(:toh sutis(oco"" that employee, were highly satisfied with coworker relations, Regarding the strength o/the independent variables to strongly explain the change in the overall joh sCltis(hction, Sex, levels of education, service years, pay, supervision and coworker relation.I' \I 'ere (olllld I" he significant predictors of job satisfaction in the Adf1finistraol'e Ilu!f, ,,/ ,'Iddi, "11>,,1>,, University. In this connection, Pay was found {() he {he m()s/ slglll/icon! lind Jlr II !"(' ,.!,,/ predictor of the overall job sali.~fac(ion. Fo//owed hy SIIIH:'/Tisiun (lml ( 'o H'(Jrkel' l'( 'lclf/oll I II p< 0,05 level, It means a unit change in (he mentioned/octors Irill hrll/g II "I/h"/dl//!III d ,llll.l!t' in the overall job satijjaclion. However, \I'(}rk itself, IW(}/l/OII() 11.\ IreI'£' I/or fOI/Ilt/ II! h( , significant predictors of the overall joh satis(iICtfl1l1, /' > ()()j , indiil/lllig Iilul Ih" '"""'" .. jactors (the work itself, Promo/ion opportunities) were nor signiliconl dCl e rtlllll(III1S of Iilh satisfactiOn. Herzberg(l959)hypothesized the intrinsic(ilclllrl III h(/\'e s,glli(icmu "'//"1'1/(1' on the level of satisiaction experienced by employees contrarv t" ,t, Iile sllllh (''''/1(1 liI"l Ih" intrinsic factors have negligible effect on the level of overall/oh latisji.lCIiOn It '"1'111'/.1' , tile change in the extrinsic factors will not bring Significant change In the ()I'eroll ioh satisfaction. It means staff members of AA U priorit joe improvement ill I'm "ld"II11"O'""" II and Supervision (the extrinsic joe/Drs) to /he intrinsic on('s .:JlI in 0/1 if IS ITC(JIIlII/('IIt/('d ,lllIf the concerned body of the university (Strategic office, I'ic!' /"'(' ,1'/(/1'111 1,,1' II",,,,,,,, "",! Developmen/ and HRMD) offiee should pave Ihe 11'ql 'jor slIldies {(I he c(lIIt/llefcd fo 1/I/III'In'( ' the low level oj salisjael/on being experienced hv emploFces. II is o/.\'o n 'C(/ II/IIICIlt/{'t/ ,I/Of there should be improved promotional procedures that could meet emIJ/nyce.\ . {'xl1('CWl/tlll ... This can be done by the collaboration of AA UlH RMD and strute"ic ,,!fice IIi .'1.41 'I 11 '"h Ih" support from other Government offices, the higher decisiol? l1Iuklllg offices "r Ihc III//I 'erl/" sholfld find ways that minimize employees' dissati,lfaction I'oy aillllinistralion shll"ld 0/.111 allow for modifications in order to minimize staff members dissatisfaction, this cOllld he don!' with a consolidated effort of the federal government and the president o!fice of the University