Effect of Layered Reinforcement Arrangement on Deformation and Cracking of Reinforced Concrete Beams

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this work is to study the effect of layered reinforcement arrangement on the deformation and cracking of reinforced concrete beams in both flexural and tensile loading. The study is based on analytical simulation of four flexural beams and eleven tensile beams in objective of studying the response and behavior of concrete and reinforcement with different arrangements of reinforcements. Even though experiments observed in different literatures show a good agreement with code predictions, there are still inadequacies in predicting reinforced concrete elements cracking behavior with different arrangements of reinforcement bars. In order to increase adequacy of serviceability results related with effect of reinforcement bar arrangement on reinforced concrete elements cracking behavior, detailed assessment is required. The analytical simulation was attempted using a non-linear finite element tool called ABAQUS CAE for beams with different arrangement of reinforcement bars and different concrete grades. Results of simulation from flexural elements showed that different reinforcement layouts show correlation with flexural stiffness and do not show direct relationship with reinforced concrete structures cracking behavior. Considering the tensile members, the strain observed in the specimens varies not only along the bar but also with in the surface of the concrete section. Adequacy of evaluating the cracking behavior in the members is closely associated with assessing the strain in the concrete since the strain in the reinforcements is similar in the cases considered.



Cracking, finite element