Teachers' and Students' Perception of Task-based Language Teaching Method and its Practice: The Case of Arbaminch College of Teacher Education

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted in Arbaminch College of Teacher Education. The main purpose of this study were to explore college EFL instructors' and learners' perceptions of TBLT and to assess the degree they practice TBLT principles in their classes in the college context. The data were collected through questionnaires (for both Instructors and students), classroom observation and interviews (for both teachers and learners. Students' questionnaire, which has four parts, was designed based on the principle of TBLT and translated in to Amharic for easy understanding of the students. The questionnaire was given to all (12) Instructors of the college and 60 students who were randomly selected from 1st and 2nd year language students. The lesson observation was done on three different instructors with the help of co-observer, and the interview was administered with three instructors and four students (out of the total subjects of the questionnaire). The overall findings of the study showed that the majority of teachers and more than half of learners under the study had high levels of perception about Taskbased Language Teaching theories. However, the study conversely reveals that there is a clear mismatch between what teachers and learners perceive about the Task-based Language Teaching method, and about what they actually practice in EFL classes. Therefore, in order to avoid this mismatch training is necessary for instructors and students. Moreover, the concerned bodies should create suitable conditions, which are essential for the implementation of TBLT in the college.



Perception of Task-based Language Teaching