The Effect of Employee Promotion Practice on Job Satisfaction: The Case of Dashen Bank S.C.

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Addis Ababa University


The success of any organization in the long run depends very much on the satisfaction of its humanresources. This is especially true in the service oriented industry like banks. Among others, promotion is one of the main variables that contribute to satisfaction of employees.The purpose of this thesistherefore was to evaluate the effects of promotion practice on job satisfaction using Dashen Bank S.C. as a case study. The study used both primary and secondary sources of data. Quantitativeresearch approach was implemented and330 questionnaires were distributed out of which 312 of them were returned. Multi stage sampling method was used first by convenience sampling and then by applying simple random sampling employees was selectedfrom stratum. The data was analyzed by SPSS version 20.0using explanatory research method and data was analyzed using correlation and regression. The correlation analysis indicates positive relationship between the independent variables (perception of promotion and promotion opportunities)and the dependent variable (Job satisfaction) and negative relationship with the independent variable (Promotion expectation) and dependent variable (Job satisfaction). The result of the regression indicates that the independent variables have accounted for 44.5% of variance on the dependent variable. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher recommends the bank to keep constant review perception of promotion, promotion opportunities and promotion expectation to identify their effects on employee’s job satisfaction regularly. Key words: Promotion practice, Job satisfaction.Promotion practice perception, Promotion opportunities, Promotion expectation.



Promotion practice, Job satisfaction, Promotion practice perception, Promotion opportunities, Promotion expectation