Perception of School Community towards Inclusive Education of Deaf Students: the Case of Afeteysa Primary and Secondary School in Dire- Dawa

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of the study was to describe and analyze the perception of school community and deaf students towards inclusive education in Afeteysa primary and secondary school of Dire Dawa. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, basic research questions were raised. Qualitative research design was employed so as to understand the situation in the setting. Purposive sampling procedures were also used. To get the required information from the participants about the research the participants of the study were comprised of six deaf students from grade seven to ten (7-10), and there were five males and one female. Four of them were profoundly pre-lingual deaf, and two were profoundly post-lingual deaf. Moreover, key- informants such as 7 SNE Teachers, 2 principals as well as the School counselor were also involved. The data obtained were analyzed through descriptive method. The method that the researcher was used was also interview, observation and FGD. The following major findings were obtained. Those are 1) all of the participants of teachers, principals and students with hearing impairments perceive inclusive education positively. 2) Inclusive education has both academic and social benefits for all students and has an opportunity to develop communication and social interaction. 3) There was limited understanding, lack of commitment and willingness on the side of the school director. 4) The Deaf children have developed their confidence in their participation, social interaction with their hearing peers, they can also be active participants in their academics. The study concludes that there was a need to foster more positive attitudes among the school community the inclusive education is to be implemented



Dire Dawa Education of Deaf Students