Knowledge Sharing Among Health Professionals: The Case of Felege Hiwot Referal Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Organizations that implement knowledge sharing are raising the quality and availability of care and increasing operational efficiency. There is a “know-do” gap: the gap that exists between what we know and what we do in practice. As a result, failure to share knowledge compromises performance. Ineffective routines are continued, new approaches are not explored, and opportunities to improve efficiency are overlooked so assessing status of knowledge sharing and factors affecting it necessary. Objective: The objective of the study is to investigate the knowledge-sharing behavior of health care professionals so as to identify factors that affects knowledge sharing and propose possible solution to enhance organizational effectiveness and improve the quality of health service provision. Methods: A facility based cross-sectional study employing both quantitative and qualitative methods are used from March to April 2010 G.C. A self administered questioner is distributed to a total of 196 health professional working in Felege Hiwot Referal Hospital during the data collection period. To supplement the quantitative study, data is also collected by interviewing the department heads, observation and document analysis. The data is cleaned, coded and fed to SPSS version 16, and then the data was analyzed so as to achieve the objective of the study. Result: The finding shows majority of the respondents are not frequently engaged in knowledge sharing activity .The result also shows, there is lack of formal and informal knowledge sharing opportunities. The hospital has no infrastructures which help to facilitate knowledge sharing. The majority of respondents are not motivated to share knowledge due to lack of incentives and poor management support of the KS activity of the hospital. Conclusion: knowledge sharing is one of the strategic tools that the hospital should use to improve its performance. The management should give a great attention to it and plan in advance like any activity. The hospital should make ready the necessary infrastructures and implement the incentive mechanism to motivate staff and monitor its performance routinely and take corrective actions accordingly



Sharing Among Health Professionals