School community perceptoions of the impacts of Educational inputs

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Addis Ababa Universty


The Purpose of this Study Was to Assess the Impacts of Educational Inputs In View of The Process of Improving quality of Education In the Addis Ababa City Government.quality Education Is Crucially Important to the Development of A Nation. therefore, 'Provision of quality Education Is Global Issue. as a Result This Study Was Significant to Assess and Proposes Some Impacts of Educational Inputs on the quality of General Primary Education. In Light of three basic Research questions Related to Major Educational Inputs and Students Achievement Results rere Raised. Based on the Research tuestions rele Vant Literature Was Reviewed and Appropriate Research Methodology was Applied. the Study was Conducted on 23 Government General Primary Schools Selected by Systematic Random Sampling Method, from the Total Population of 75 Schools. the Research Methodology Employed was Descriptive Survey Method. data were Gathered Using questionnaire. the Gathered data were analyzed Using Applicable Statistical Tools.Accordingly, the Finding of the Study Revea Led that the Inputs to Schools were Significantly Scarce to Result In quality Education . the Document Analysis Made on the Students Test also Indicated that Students Achievement Was Low.herefore, one can Easily Generalize from the Findings that The quality Status of Education In the City Government Is Low Due Scarce Resources and Inefficient management Among Many other Problems. as a Result, the Addis Ababa City Government and The Addis Ababa Education bureau, are Recommended to Strengthen the Already Begun School Improvement Program and Coordinate all the Concerned body to Increase the quality of Education



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