The Effect of Kaizen Implementation on Perceived Waste Minimization: Mugher Cement Factory

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of kaizen implementation on perceived waste minimization in Mugher cement factory. The factory is one of the pioneer cement products manufacturing industry in the country. It attains greater end result by implementing level one kaizen. kaizen is the means of continuous improvement involving everyone from top management to shop floor workers This achievement enables the company to be role model. these days the factory try to implement level two kaizen side by side with level one .Due to various reasons however the current status of factory’s overall kaizen implementation level goes back ward from time to time. Consequently, this thesis focuses on identifying the effect of kaizen on waste minimization practice in the factory. The study design is descriptive research. Both qualitative and quantitative data were used. This thesis presents the results of a survey with final ten main items which are factors affecting for basic Kaizen implementation, four indicators for waste minimization practice and the theoretical model that demonstrates the relationship between kaizen and waste minimization. The questionnaire was applied to 100 senior expert ,team leader and department head from whole departments of Mugher main plant, Tatek and Addis Ababa branch plants The survey was validated using statistical validation using the Cronbach alpha index; the result is 0.788.This shows that there is an internal consistency among items. Descriptive mean is used for measuring the level of current status of kaizen and waste minimization practice in the factory. The result revel that both kaizen and waste minimization practice exercise moderately high in the factory. Correlate and regression model of analysis was used to know the relationship between kaizen implementation and waste minimization practice. The result showed almost all kaizen parameter have positive correlation with waste minimization practice whereas some kaizen kaizen practice such as standardization, sustainability and management commitment for kaizen practice show gap. All in all, the result shows that Mugher cement factory kaizen implementation practice have positive effect on waste minimization practice moderately high. It needs extra effort and strong refreshment program



Kaizen, waste minimization, employee perception