Operational Excellence towards Sustainability of Syngenta Flowers Ethiopia Cuttings PLC

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Addis Ababa University


Floriculture business is one of the major sources of foreign currency and creates job opportunity for more than one hundred thousand citizens in Ethiopia. EHPEA report showed, though the development of floriculture industry requires modern production techniques and infrastructure. The benefits derived from the sectors exceeds their costs and this is enough reason for attracting foreign investors in a big ways. however, the industry is accused for environmental and socio-economic problems. like high water consumption, application of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, pollution and waste disposal are the major ones. Operational excellence management system gives a company the benefits of reduce production costs, increased efficiencies, less injuries, maximum sustainable returns on operating assets, and an improved competitive position. This study aimed to answer the following research questions; What are operational excellence assessment models and their applicability in flower industry? What are operational excellence dimensions and their impact in order to ensure long-term profitability and consistency? And how operational excellence factors influence sustainability of flower business? The study used a case study research design. The target population was Syngenta flowers Ethiopia cuttings Plc. Permanent employees. Stratified sampling technique used to address all level of employees. The primary and secondary data was collected using questionnaire, direct observation and document review. Questionnaire collected from 212 employees out of 283 sample size. Quantitative data was analysed using descriptive statistics using SPSS Version 20.0. The data was presented through percentages, means, standard deviations. From the findings, the study concludes that Syngenta flowers Ethiopia cuttings PLc. has adopted operational excellence initiatives to a great extent to sustain in the business. Operational excellence dimensions recognized in the study were, Health, Safety, Environment, culture, continuous improvement, enterprise alignment and result. Those are reflected in the case company to a great extent., and they are factors influence substantivity of the business. Some of the weakness seen in the company are, not meeting incident free targeted days, not adopting recycling system, operational excellence knowledges are not disseminated to all employees. Unstaining Bright Idea Program. The study recommends that the management team should organize training and workshops for their employees to be trained on the concept and technics of operational excellence and how well to implement it. Finally, the study recommended that similar studies should be done more on other farms with different perspectives and objectives, like implication of operational excellence tools and technics and implementation challenges.



Syngenta flowers, Operational excellence, sustainability