The Role of Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the Development of Adult Education: The Case of Ye’abnet Timhirt Bet

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper was intended to assess the role of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, specifically Ye'abinet Timhrt Bet in the development of adult education. The research attempted to evaluate about the unique features of Ye'abnet Timhiret Bets in light of adult education, the teaching learning methods in traditional church schools, the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) curriculum and its ways of provision, the livelihood of adults in Ye'abinet Timhirt Bet and finally about the contribution of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) to the development of adult education. In this research, qualitative research approach was used. Both primary and secondary data sources were utilized. With regard to primary data source, the key informants are selected purposefully by considering the expertise of the participants on traditional education in general and in Ye'abinet Timhirt Bet in particular. Church fathers, teachers and students were participated. This research employed individual interviews and focus group discussions as primary data gathering tools. It also used secondary data sources. Reports of the institutions and related books, journals, newspapers, and educational policies were utilized as secondary data sources. The data were collected through different techniques were carefully transcribed, translated and analyzed qualitatively and interpretation were made using thematic categorization in open coding system. The findings revealed that Ye'abinet TimhrtBbet played a significant role in the development of adult education. Recommendations were also given to be acknowledged, recognized and supported. KEY WORDS: Adult Education, Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Ye'abinet Timhrt Bet



Adult Education; Ethiopian Orthodox Church ; Ye'abinet Timhrt Bet