Human Resource Development and Job Satisfaction: In Case of the FDRE Ministry of Defense Forces Communication And Information Main Department /MODCIMD/.

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Addis Ababa University


Contemporary management practices indicate that many leading companies have recognized the strategic importance of human resources and have adopted an investment perspective toward these resources. Further, there is greater awareness of the costs of treating employees as variable costs, which is beginning to change views of human resource practices organizations operate in a complex and changing environment that greatly influences their growth and expansion to overcome this situation they need have to develop their human resource to get competitive advantage out of them..This research was planned to assess the impact of HRD on job satisfaction and to determine their influence and forward relevant solutions. And it deals on the ministry of defense information and communication main department/ MONDCID/ military personnel. There for the prime intention was to depict out the impact of HRD on job satisfaction occurring in the institution arising from HRD activities. The department has a total man power of 160 and I used probability sampling by creating stratum by stratified random sampling method to select sample then 114 participated in the form respondent and by giving interview. Descriptive research method has been applied In order to reduce sampling error the researcher was used enough sample size, regarding non sampling error the data collection, the questionnaire design were done in a guided way. The Data were analyzed and interpreted using descriptive statistics based on SPSS 20.0 and qualitative technique. The finding of the study showed that HRD has a strong impact on job satisfaction. Moreover the result proved the department was in a good track in practicing training and development, career development and organizational development. The finding also indicated that the department were well the practice of HRD and. To minimize problems in the practice of HRD first and the department has to do all HRD activities equally. The conclusion and recommendation also has given.



Organizational development, career management, Training