The Effect of Reward Management Practice on Employee Performance: The Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)

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Addis Ababa University


Organizations are looking to develop, motivate and increase the performance of their employees in different ways of human resources systems. Due to this currently the issues of the human resource management system becomes important. Hence, the main objective of conducting this research study is to determine the relationship between reward and employee performance. The result that would be obtained from the study may have significant contribution to the knowledge with regard to reward management and employee performance hence it is a contemporary issue of the organization. Quantitative research method through Explanatory research type, correlation and regression analysis were used and in this study 308 data collected from employees of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia found at South Addis Ababa district using questionnaires. The data collected was analyzed by using SPSS version 25 software. The result of this study support that reward management practices have significant positive relationship with employee performance. It’s very important to recommend the organization to implement a total reward approach instead of exercising one. In addition to this it’s also advisable for the organization to focus more on the benefit packages



Reward Management, Employee Performance, Total Reward