Benthic Macrofaunal Productivity and Diversity of the Red Sea Coast around Tewalit (Massawa)

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Addis Ababa,University


The Diversity and Productivity of benthic mac ofauna around the shallow waters of Tewalit (1assawa ) . ere inves - ti ated at three sta ions from October 28,1986 to April 14 , 1987 . Eight major groups and SO taxa were encountered . Polychaetes with 23 taxa were the most diverse group followed by gastropods with 8 tax a , and crustaceans with 6 taxa . Physical and chemical paramete~s show no significant variation and r egulatory effect over the distribution and abundance of the taxa . The taxa indicate a hirrh species diversity , biomass diversity and equitability . There is significant variation in s i milarity indices , but no varl a tion in species composition among the stations . Productivity is estimated to be lO . lGg/rn2 . This with mean biomass 6 . g/ m2 resulted in a turnover rate (P:B ratio) of 1 . 5 .



Benthic Macrofaunal Productivity