Impact of Work Life Balance on Employee Performance: A Case of Zeta Construction PLC

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Addis Ababa University


Work life balance has the most dominant effect on employees performance and their productivity by sustaining well being of workers and lessen work stress, which in return maximize efficiency. The main purpose of this study was to disclose the impacts of work life balance on employee performance in the case of Zeta Construction PLC. The participants of the study were employees of Zeta Construction in Addis Ababa. In order to collect data, the researcher employed simple random sampling techniques to select participants of the study and total 154 questionnaires were distributed and came out 100% response rate. Plus the researcher used quantitative research strategy to further describe the phenomenon and applies both descriptive and explanatory approach. In addition to analyze the data SPSS version 26 were used, the reliability of questionnaire items had been tested using Cronbach's alpha, the study applied descriptive statistics, Pearson's correlation analysis and regression analysis. The result indicated that among the work life balance factors leave and job sharing are the most important and significant factors to achieve employee performance, and job stress has strongly negative relationship to the dependent variable. Based on the finding : the company should work on different work life balance practices as employee shows great interest and employee performance will be highly influenced by those factors and also Employees must also take the lead to share a job amongst themselves to lessen the job stress to increase performance and productivity.



Work Life Balance, Employee Performance