The Contribution of in-Service Training Programmes For the Professional Development of Government General Secondary School Teachers in Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The study was done to assess the contribution of in-service training for the professional development of government general secondary school teachers in Addis Ababa city administration. A sample consisted of 180 teachers, 7 school principals and 3 sub-city education and training experts were selected using different techniques and made to provide information. To meet the objective of the study, descriptive survey method was employed. To gather the necessary data, questionnaire and interviews were the main instruments employed. The data collected from the different sources were tallied, organized and analyzed using sample p ercentages . The result obtained from the study revealed that majority of the teachers in the city administration participated in in-service trainings of various types. Accordingly, the trainings contributed to the professional improvements in areas such as improvements in lesson planning, classroom management, continuous assessment, employing active learning methodology in the classroom, preparation and usage of teaching aids, etc. Furthermore, quite a large number of teachers upgraded their qualification and got salary improvements as a result of their training. The findings further re vealed that the summer course program is the major in-service training program to upgrade the qualification of teachers. However, in-service training programmes like distance education were found to be least used by teachers to upgrade their qualification. Furthermore, the financial and material resources allocated and the time given for the in-service training was found to be inadequate. Based on the findings and the conclusions made the following recommendation are made. In order to alleviate the problems of in- service programmes of different types, str.keholders at different levels (from school to Federal MOE level) have to play their roles. Adequate budget should be allocated . Sufficient time and convenient schedule for trainings have to be arranged. Especially for summer course students the time given and the course load have to be revised. In order to identify teachers who need inservice training assessment of needs very important .Besides, competent in-service training personnel have to be assigned. Furthermore, conducting an impact assessment has to be done in order to see the effectiveness of INSET programmes in the city administration.



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