Survey of Trainees' Attitude towards their Trainers' Competence in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges of Afar Regional State

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of this research is to investigate trainees' attitude towards their trainers' competence in the TVET colleges of Afar Region. To this end, a descriptive survey method were employed. To conduct this research four TVET colleges in the region were incorporated. From these TVETs 298 trainees, 23 trainers and four college deans, totally 325 respondents were included as a sample. The trainers and trainees were selected by using stratified random sampling techniques. Deans were selected by using purposive sampling techniques. To collect the necessary data questionnaires, interview and focus group discussions were used. The collected data were analyzed by using percentage, mean and descriptive statements. Based on the analysis made in the research the major findings were: The provision of the training was severely affected due to competence deficiencies of trainers. Beside this, the absence of the necessary input and administrative support were hindered the quality of the over all training. The recommendation made by this research include: the TVET teacher training institutions recommend to ensure the would be TVET teachers acquired the core competencies before graduation, and assess the competence performance of their graduates in the actual world of work, it is advisable that the Afar Education, Health, and Agriculture Bureaus recruit TVET trainers by preparing criteria on the nine competence areas and establish COC examination agency at the regional level to ensure the required standard, and the four TVET colleges recommended facilitate in service training and establish students council that works in negotiating and resolving trainees complaints .



Technical and Vocational Education