Assessment of Self -Esteem and Academic Achievement of Students with Hearing Impairment (The cases of T /Haymanot and Victory School for the Deaf)

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Addis Ababa University


The salient feature of this study is to examine the self esteem and Academic Achievement of students with hearing impairment in two schools . Fifty six elementary school students with hearing impairment from grade four up to eight were included in the study. Schools are located in Addis Ababa and Debre Markos (i.e. Victory School for the Deaf and Tekele Haymanot Primary School) respectively. The pilot study was conducted on 30 SWHI in Addis Ababa at Menilik JJ Special class for the deaf Their mean age was 15.2 with SD of 2.3. Similarly on the mean study the mean age of Victory School for the Deaf was 15. 77 and the mean age of Tekele Haymanot Primary School SWl-fI was 16.57 with SD of2.81 and 3.26 respectively. The reliability coefficient obtained on the pilot study was 0.68 Crombach alpha. The All of SWHI was obtained from school records. And the self esteem scores were obtained using SE inventories. S'WHI, SE and AA mean score suggest that there IS a positive SE among SWHI and better AA res u lt in general. It was also found that there is no correlation among SE, AA and SES. Gender and age difference in SE and AA of SWHI also found that, there is statistical significant difference in AA between male and female SWJ-[J However, th.ere is no SE difference between male and female SWJ-JI. Regarding age difference in SE and AA of younger and older SWl-fJ, there is no statistical significant difference betweiO/1 these two groups. However, the mean score of younger (10-16 years) w us better older (17 -24 years) age groups. In addition to this outcome, participa Its' background information was included in the study.



Self - Esteem and Academic Achievement