Collaboration for Knowledge Sharing Among A.A Tvet Colleges

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Addis Ababa University


Background Ethiopian TVET strategy is developed with the involvement of a broad range of stakeholders from the private and public sectors. It defines the major principles of the intended TVET development in the coming years. The main thrust of the strategy is that TVET development relies on an outcome-based system and dedicated and trusting cooperation among stakeholders. Objective The overall objective of the study is to assess and evaluate the existing Knowledge sharing practice and identify opportunities that improve knowledge sharing practices among TVET colleges in Addis Ababa. Methodology The study has followed a quantitative and qualitative methodology. A sample of 203 Trainers and Academic deans are selected using Stratified random sampling from 3 public and 3 private TVET colleges. Questionnaire is applied to assess knowledge sharing according to respondent’s opinions and perceptions regarding each of the cultural, organizational and technological factors and existing knowledge sharing practice. Result Academic staffs are aware of knowledge sharing. They also believe that knowledge is power and it can help their college to stay competitive in the TVET environment. Moreover, academic staffs agree that they should share their knowledge and best practices. Recommendation It is recommended that the TVET agency take initiative to put a system in place that facilitates knowledge sharing among TVET colleges. Further studies are also recommended to investigate more facts that facilitate knowledge sharing



Collaboration for Knowledge Sharing