The State of Services Rendered For College of Social Sciences Students with Disability at Addis Ababa University: The Case of Special Needs Support Office

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As one of the biggest educational higher institutions Addis Ababa University has been structurally established composing different departments, offices and responsible bodies. Among other, Special Need Support Office is the one meant for providing supports and services to Students with disabilities. The purpose of this research was therefore, to examine and making a thorough study on the service and support provisions, the challenges faced, the opportunity gained by College of Social Sciences SWDs at Addis Ababa University Special Need Support Office, and recommend perceived solutions that helps to meet the office's objectives and SWDs educational success. With qualitative method and descriptive case study design primary and secondary data were assessed. The researcher's personal observations were also added to consolidate the study. Primary data were collected through developing semi structured interview guide and data from selected SWDs were captured. After the data analyzed the findings showed the existence of gaps on services and supports that affects SWDs educational & material, economical, psychological & social achievements and need to take corrective actions asnecessary. The research is concluded through proposing recommendation.



Terms: Services and Supports, SWDs, SNSO, educational achievement