The Implementation of Continuous Professional Development Program in General Secondary Schools of South Gondar Zone

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Addis Ababa University


Teachers' CPD is being viewed as a key ingredient in improving teachers' professional knowledge, skill and attitudes. The main purpose of this study was to assess the implementation of teachers' CPD program in general secondary schools of 'South Gondar Zone. To realize this study four basic research questions were asked; the attitude of teachers, the support given to teachers on how to practice the program, the effects of implementation CPD program on teachers' daily activity and challenges in implementing CPD. To address these questions, descriptive survey method was employed. Three Woredas and three schools were selected by stratified, random and purposive sampling techniques. From these sample 120 teachers, 15 facilitators, 6 principals, one expert from each WEO, ZEO and REB were selected. Questionnaire and interview were employed to collect primary data. The analysis of portfolio and training material were used as secondary data. The quantitative data were first organized, tabulated and then analyzed using mean and percentage. The qualitative data were analyzed according to the response and the researcher understands. The result of data analysis and interpretation indicated that some teachers have negative attitude to wards the CPD program due to lack of awareness, supports and time; the schools did not adapt the training module prepared by MoE; the CPD training was not implemented based on teachers' career structure, there was no responsible body to assess ,make follow up evaluate and give immediate feedback; and teachers are not offered any incentives related to CPD implementation. Finally, the study made recommendation.



Continuous Professional Development Program