Postpartum Depression and Associated Factors Among Mothers: The Case of Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City Woreda 1 and 2 Health Centers

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of this study is to determine the prevalence and associated factors of postpartum depression among mothers in Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City, Woreda 1 and 2 health centers. Participants were recruited from the postnatal clinic at Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City, Woreda 1 and 2 health centers. Eligible participants were approached and requested to consent voluntarily to participate in this study. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS version 20.0 software. A total of 300 postnatal mothers were recruited in this study but 295 were analyzed. This study found a prevalence of postpartum depression at 45th day since delivery at 27.8% using K-10 score. 34% of the postnatal mothers were aged between 26-32 years. 82% were married and 27.8% were high school complete. 78% were not in any form of employment. 39.8% were primigravida or first time mothers.33.6% pregnancy was unplanned. Unemployment (r=0.8,P< 0.001), parity (r=0.7,P< 0.01), Income (r=0.7,P< 0.0001) and social support (r=0.7,P< 0.001) were statistically significantly associated with Postpartum Depression. No significant statistical association between Infant sex (r=0.48,P<0.05) and postpartum depression was found. It is important for the public to be aware of the magnitude of the postnatal depression. Health professionals are to be trained in this field to be able to recognize the symptom of postpartum depression, Routine screening of postnatal mothers and ministry of health is to formulate policies integrating mental and reproductive health