Practices and Challenges of Devolution of Human Resource Management Responsibilities to Line Managers in Ethiopian Electric Utility

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study is to show the practices of delegating some of human resource management responsibilitie from HR department to line managers and to identify the challenges faced. In this paper a descriptive research approach is used and designed for fifty line managers, few middle and top level managers. Structured questionnaire was used to collect the primary data interview questions were designed to get the necessary feed back with respect to the study. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics and presented using tables. It was found that 80 % of the overall FLMs responded HRM activities were devolved to them, while only 20% not devolved or had no such plan at the time of this study. Based on the findings the study concluded that line managers of Ethiopian Electric Utility are involved in various activities and at the same time they had faced with some challenges. The study recommended that HR professionals should work hard to improve their performance contribution, some HRM activities practiced by line managers as shown in the response and the intention of not considering HR activities as a core component by First line managers are the weaknesses observed that shall be improved



Ethiopian Electric Utility