Practices and Challenges of Integrated Functional Adult Education in Yeka Sub-city; Addis Ababa.

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The purpose of this study was to investigatethe practices and challenges of integrated functionaladult Education (IFAE) program in Yeka Sub-city, Addis Ababa. In the study, both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection were employed. Accordingly, 140 adult learners (six males, 134 females), 16 (six males and ten females) facilitatorsin questionnaire and six participants, six facilitators and four experts by interviewing of Integrated Function of Adult Education (IFAE) program in Yeka sub-cty were participants of thestudy. Questionnaires, interview and document analysis were used and frequency, percentage and thematic analysis were used for analysis data. Finally, Findings showed that many of the IFAEP learners were housewives with the agerange from 15-45 and the most facilitators were grade 10 completers. In the program various themes were delivered based the need and economy of the participant; The learners learnt in comfortable learning center and time; the stakeholder participation in IFAEPwas low; absence the formulating administrating structure of the program; creating awareness about IFAE program for enrolling and increasing the learner of the program; The performance of the learner assessed by test, and asking the question; IFAE program helps to know the word and number and to increase time to time; and the hindering factors of the IFAEprogram in Yeka sub-city were absence ownerships the IFAEP; lack of interest the participants of the program, have not given the training opportunity for facilitator; low participation of the stakeholder; absence of their own learning center; absenceof management structure of the program; absence guideline document of the program, and lackof teaching skills of the facilitator; and high workloads of the learner. Therefor, the effectiveness of the IFAEP, the government should become to create awareness about the program, formulate their sector (should become to work separately with education sector), construct the learning center, work with various stakeholder, formulate administrating structureof the program, and controlled the implementer of the program.



Integrated, Functional, Adult, Adult Education, Yeka Sub-city