Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Study of Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

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Addis Ababa University


The present work aims at utilizing the available and untapped source of energy found in every household backyard usually termed as waste tire, using a thermal conversion method called Pyrolysis. Where the ultimate objective is, to extract the energy rooted in tires through pyrolysis process by utilizing the calorific values with an auger/screw pyrolysis reactor plant. In pyrolysis process, organic (carbon containing) compounds are heated in an oxygen free environment where tire material decomposition based on kinetic modeling expected to reveal main product lumps: Non-condensable gas, pyrolysis oil and char. This technology grants the efficient energy conversion while fulfilling the basic 3E (Environment, Efficient ad Economy) factors that leads to securing an alternative energy source. The first phase of the project is completed by waste tire characterization whilst performing the kinetic behavior under pyrolysis process and continues with the kinetic modeling and analysis of pyrolysis process with MATLAB software along with the fabrication of screw reactor where the conducted experimental approach revealed the viability of theoretical data. Waste tires, physically treated to a particle size of 5mm were pyrolyzed in a screw reactor with a temperature range of 450-550 °C without a carrier gas. The yields pyro oil, char and gas obtained were quantified. Pyro-oil yields were 2.4 wt. %, gas 43.4 wt. % and char 54.2 wt. %. In general, the screw reactor configuration in pyrolysis of waste tire have potential to recover high valued by products in an efficient manner.



Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant, Simulation, Modelling, Experimental Study