Vulnerability of Urban Refugees to Gender-Based Violence (Gbv) In Addis Ababa: A Case of Congolese Refugees

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Addis Ababa University


Conflict and disaster occur throughout the world every day. The aftershock of these situations gives rise to millions of stateless persons and refugees. However, this has proved an elusive aspiration for the study. This study investigates the vulnerabilities of Congolese refugee women and men in Ethiopia with specific reference to Addis Ababa. The objectives of the study were to understand the vulnerability of men and women Congolese refugees to GBV in Addis Ababa to examine the economic, social and legal conditions of the Congolese refugee's men and women in Addis Ababa. Feminist post-structuralism and Intersectionality theory influenced the theoretical framework of the study. In-depth interview methods were used to collect primary data. Snowball and purposive sampling methods were used to select participants. In considering the cases of GBV, the researcher took note of the experiences encountered during their journey from their homelands as they escape the woes of war, conflict, and persecution that was in Congo. On arriving in Ethiopia, they are provided shelter in the form of camps. However, due to inadequacies in the camps that may not be able to address some of their immediate health, personal security and education challenges, refugees would have to, therefore, apply for a permit in order to be relocated to Addis Ababa, through the referral system from ARRA and UNHCR. In view of the key findings, Congolese refugees are vulnerable and when gender discrimination occurs it is not tackled by concerned authorities. However, as refugees have specific challenges attached to their statuses such as limited access to employment opportunities, inadequate knowledge about their new environment, less human agency and poverty, the summation of all these conditions contribute to increased vulnerability of men and women Congolese urban refugees in Addis Ababa to GBV.



Addis Ababa to GBV