GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Use/ Land cover Change Detection in Finchaa Valley Area, East Wollega

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Addis Ababa University


This study assessed land use! land cover change of Finchao valley area by integrating GIS and Remote sensing rechniques in Finchaa valley area in belll'een 1973 and 2003, The stud,' comparedfollr different techniques: image differencing, rationing NDV! image comparisons and posl classification Comparisons, Image differencing and rationing proved not suitable fiJr Ihe slwl\' area, SDVI isfollnd belter for visual comparisons with its mean \'{Ilues, Posl classification comparison is proved the best melhodfor Ihe stlldv area, The res lilt of Ihe analysis indicates thai generally \'egetalion cove is decreasing a/lribule ta increase in crop land with accelerated rate of change, Ihe de\'elopment of mechanized slate farm in heMeen 197_' and 1986 and agroindusrial development since! 991 at accelerated rate of change "'ilh ils re 'ated inji'astruclures bUI collapse of slale f arm in the valley. The change is directly related to socia-economic activities, fire and poor elIvironl11enlalll1anagell1ent and inseparably connect"d to one ana/her, From observational the change has negative implications on the environments particularly all land, vegetation and animal diversities, Therefore the ill environmental management strategy should be re evaluated fO pro/eel 10 protect vegetation e'er and to keep the development sustainable,



GIS and Remote Sensing in land use