Adoptive Transfer of Lymphocytes and its Role in Protection against Schitosoma Mansoni Infection in Arvicanthus Species

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Addis Ababa,University


Adoptive transfe r o f pr o t f!c tio n f rom i nf 'ctcd don or J.rvicanthus !.E. rats t o uninfec t ed r c cl pient~ was t!l ttt!mpted by va ~ y ing s omc pilram ~~b.! rs such a s the i ntl:ction pe riod o f donor r ats a nd the tine of tra ns f L; r r e l ati ve to c ha l ll.;nge . Concurre nt inve stigation o n t he e ffect of h~'~ r o l o g ous infec tion and fra ctio na tion o f c e ll s 11(l!:; ~lso carri(:d out. It wa s f ound tha t cPlls from 2 mo n th- lnfLctcd dono rs had high ability t o tra n s f c r r e sista ncl.! to rc:d,p i €..nt r ats while c el ls f r om 10 75 a nd 3 month- infL:ctcc' Jonor s s howed pa rtial a bi l ity and tho s e fr om 2 . 5 mo nth- infl:ctcd donors showed an une xpe cted inhi b i t ory e f fect on t ransfe r r e cipi e nts. Transfe rs d o ne c l o s e t o ch a ll L:ng~ nay c onfe r almo s t c omple t e i mmunity t o r e cipie nt rats , \0,:.':"_ Heterologous c e stode infe ction in t hes(! r-~ts appt:"!<'Ir t o play t!I s econdary r o l e in pro t ecting aguinst ,5 •• mansoni infe ctions, while it wa s a l so f ound t hat u nfr~Ltio n a t ed cells have mo r e ability t o tr n ~sf e r r c sis t~ n cc than fr actio na t ed ce lls . Po s s ible i~mun o l o gic a l me cha nisms involved dur i ng t hese e ve nts and the pr actica l s ignifica nce of thL: Hark arc briefly discuss ed .



Adoptive Transf'er of' Lymphocytes and Its Role In Protection Against SchisTosoma Mansoni Infection