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The purpose of this study was to assess the magnitude of educational wastage of secondary schools in H/Abote woreda. To this end, descriptive survey method was employed to reveal the current situation of high rate of grade repetition and drop-out (educational wastage). The data regarding enrolment, repetition and dropouts were obtained from H/Abote educational office and sampled school‟s document. The study included two schools, 100 students, 30 teachers, and four principals of sample schools. The data gathered through questionnaire, was analyzed using SPSS version 20 and the frequency, percentage, mean, and the standard deviation were computed to determine the magnitude of the problem. Wastage rate for the past three consecutive years (2009-2011) was calculated. The findings of the study indicated that both high repetition rate and drop-outs were registered at the sampled secondary schools, grade nine in particular. The results also revealed that variables that were related education wastage were personal factors, socio-economic factors, school related factors and environmental factors were among the leading factors to education wastage. Based on the findings, some important recommendations were forwarded.