Design and Analysis of Solid Waste Collector Belt Conveyor

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This research aims to design and analyze automatic Solid waste collector conveyor to use on shallow surface of the water. This method includes; Analysis of a belt collector which requires specific software. The problem of waste generation and management has become a serious issue of concern to many scholars in the field of environmental studies. The most common litter in a household is trash, including plastic cups, plastic bags and wrapping materials, as well as fast-food wrappers, plastic bottles, and other plastic containers. The main purpose of this thesis is to solve or minimize the problems, i.e. on how to clean the river, and minimize animal dieses by collecting the solid garbage from the water, to increase land fertility etc. the main method employed in this is by collecting the necessary data, and by analyzing the effects of the solid garbage in the river. In the end, we got the clean, shine, attractive and healthy water. This has made discussion on design calculations, analyses and considerations of collector belt conveyor system for solid waste in terms of size, length, capacity, and speed. Also power, tension, type of drive unit diameter, location and arrangements of pulleys, angle, product to be handled as well as its maximum loading capacity for fast, continuous, and efficient movement of solid waste have been discussed. The main potential application areas are on the urban and rural stagnant water. Drawings of Two-dimensional, Three dimensional, Assembly drawings of belt conveyor, as well as boat assembly were applied for the analysis of material using CATIA V5R19. Finally, conclusions and recommendations, based on the analysis outcomes are for further researches.



Belt Conveyor system, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Loading, Material handling equipment