The Implementation of Teachers Continuous Professional Development of In Gullele Sub- City Government Preparatory Schools of Addis Abeba

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Addis ababa univeresty


The purpose of this study was to assess the current implementation status of teachers CPD program in government preparatory schools of Gullele Sub-City. To realize the purpose of this study, quantitative and qualitative methods were employed. The study was carried out on two government preparatory schools that were selected using purposive sampling and survey technique. The study also involved 104 Teachers, 30 school leaders(4 principals and 26 department heads).the data of this study was collected through questionnaires, interview and document analysis. The quantitative data were analyzed through SPSS and interpreted by chi-square. The qualitative data were used to support the quantitative data .The result of the data analysis and interpretation indicated that the engagement of teachers in different types of CPD activities was not sufficient. And the methods that were used to acquire new skill and knowledge through training and induction program were not satisfactory. The extent of results of CPD program was moderately helped teachers to apply effective teaching methodology and improved teacher‟s achievement. The challenges which hindered the program was lack of competent facilitators, lack of coordination between the schools and sub-city and education bureaus, failure to synchronize CPD with career structure, the school environment and management were not supportive. The role played by school stakeholders‟ principals and the sub-city level education office was not active in monitoring assessing the program and to support teachers in the CPD program. To improve the implementation of the CPD program, the concerned bodies should allocate adequate budget, provide trainings, seminars, workshops and Continuous discussions should be arranged for all stakeholders, and the monitoring and evaluation systemshould be constructive finally to increase the commitment of teachers the program should be synchronized with incentives such us, career structure, and should be as a prerequisites for teachers‟ licensing and up grading programs.