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The purpose of the study was to assess the influence of principals’ leadership on teachers’ job motivation in Aleltu woreda primary schools. To this end, descriptive survey design was employed to used in this study. Data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources were principals, supervisors and teachers. The secondary sources were relevant policy documents and school reports. To select the participant of study, simple rondom sampling techniques were employed to select teachers and principals, where as purposive sampling was used to select supervisors. Data collecting instruments were questionnaires (closed ended and open-ended); interview and documentary review was employed for this study. A technique of data analysis was used to mathematical calculation formula of mean, variance and standard deviation. The data analysis led to the following major findings: The results revealed that influence of principal leadership on teachers job motivation give low intrinsic and extrinsic initiation, unfavorable physical school environment, low community respect, low technical support of teachers, absence of feedback after class observation, impact of psychological environment, poor reward system/remuneration and compensation/, teachers lack of chance to participate in decision making, absence fair delegated duties and school policy system not comfortable. Based on the major findings conclusion drawn were intrinsic and extrinsic had an impact on teachers job motivatiojn, poor career development, school enviroment condition, poor leadership skills, system of teachers rewards, relationship of teachers and supervisor on classroom supervision were factors that influence on teachers job motivation. Based on the major findings and conclusion drawn, certain feasible recommendations were made. Some of these were : concerning bodies to improve teachers job motivation like; Woreda Education Office, Ministry of Education, zonal education office, Regional Education Bureau and other stakeholders should hard work to improve teachers’ salary, community respect, school facility, school leadership and communication approach to improve teachers’ job motivation in primary school of Aleltu woreda.