Parametrization of Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in FE

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Addis Ababa University


The paper looks about phase transition and the thermodynamic property of Iron.The Thermodynamic functions are studied and parametrized.These parameters,which control the phases,one can often make the jumps arbitrarily small and thus produce continuous phase transitions.this kind of phase transitions are abrupt changes in the equilibrium behavior of the materials because the materials can be considered to be made up of an e ectively in nite number of particles. The property of ferromagnetic substance is that the atomic magnets tend to be brought into parallel orientation not only by an applied magnetic eld but also by an inner eld.The inner eld is due to electrostatic interactions,which are related to the orientation of the magnetic moments of electrons through the Pauli principle because of that the spins generate magnetic elds. The spin Hamiltonian for iron has been derived from electronic structure calculations using Ising model.The Coupling interactions Jij depend on the surrounding magnetic order.The exchange interactions are expected in general to tend to cause the atomic moments on adjacent atoms to align themselves in the antiparallel orientation.If these interactions are less important than the interactions that stabilize the parallel orientation of the atomic moments,the substance will be ferromagnetic at low temperature



Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in FE