Parental Satisfaction Concerning Their Child’s Hospital Care and Associated Factors in Black Lion Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015

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Addis Ababa University


Introduction :In recent years, the scope of patients’/parents’ participation in the evaluation of healthcare services has been broadened because patients’ /parents experiences and satisfaction are considered to be vital components in the evaluation of healthcare interventions, as well as in assessing the quality of care. Parents’ satisfaction with health care is associated with an improvement in their child’s health or with a reduction of symptoms, including adherence to the therapeutic regimen and understanding medical information. Parent participation in care has also become the new catchphrase in many pediatric health care facilities. In the hospital setting, parent participation refers to act of parents being involved in their child’s care to the degree that they desire. In addition effective communication is also paramount between parents of sick children and the direct care providers. Parents need to participate in decision making regarding their baby’s well being. They value open and honest communication. Objective: The objective of this study is to assess the level of satisfaction and identify factors influencing parents’ satisfaction with the health care service delivered at Black lion specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015 Methodology: An institutional based cross sectional study was conducted among parents of hospitalized children in Black lion specialized hospital with systematic random sampling technique to fulfill the main objective of this study. Data was collected by using interviewer - administered structured questionnaire. Then the collected data was entered and cleaned using Epi data 3.1 versions and then exported & analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 21. And descriptive analysis like frequency and mean were used to present results. To determine association between nominal variables such as socio-demographic variables and parents’ level of satisfaction bivariate and multiple logistic regression were computed. RESULT: - The overall proportion of parental satisfaction of admitted children was found to be 59.8%. Majority of the respondents (73.2%) rated the communication as high among the subscales while physical environment aspect and Parental participation were rated the least (53.6%, 58.9%) respectively. The regression analysis shows that the adequacy of care, adequacy of pain management, duration of hospital stay and all the indices were predictors of the overall satisfaction score (p<0.05). Conclusion and recommendation: Even though greater percentages of parents (59.8%) were satisfied concerning pediatric inpatient care, the level of satisfaction was lower compared to other studies and it was strongly stressed that there is a great need for clinical practices regarding parental involvement to be established in order to optimize the hospital care of ill children Key words: parental satisfaction, quality of care, patient care



Parental satisfaction, Quality of care, Patient care