Gender Earnings Wage Differential in the Ethiopian Public Sector

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Addis Ababa University


I would like to express my sincere thanks, deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to my adviser Professor Teshome Mulat for his keen interest, valuable guidance, and sustained help for the completion of this thesis. I am grateful to the graduate school of Addis Ababa University for financing this thesis. I am also delighted to express my heart felt gratitude and sincere thanks to my dear wife Ajiba Mohammed, my brother Ato Ahmed Yuya, and my friend Fuad Usmail for their unfailing support and moral encouragement throughout my study time. I am thankful to my friend Malaku Teklea for his relentless cooperation in searching documents and data management. My heart felt thank also extends to the Federal and Oromia Civil Service Commissions, UNECA library, Central Statistical Agency, and Ministry of Education for providing the required data and documents. My special thanks also go to Ato Tekalign Birhane, the commissioner of the Oromia Civil Service Commission, for his invaluable support. I am thankful to the Oromia Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission for sponsoring my study and to w/o Aberash Tamiru for typing this thesis in an attractive manner. Finally, I would like to notify that any unintentional omission in this brief acknowledgement does not mean lack of gratitude.



Economic Policy Analysis