Foreign Transaction Control System for National Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


It is well known that in a developing countries like Ethiopia there is a negative tread balance. Therefore, it is vital to properly manage the countries limited foreign currency(FCY) by prioritizing the very crucial imports and other commitments. The National Bank of Ethiopia(NBE) has the mandate to manage and control the countries FCY. The availability of on time data is crucial to effectively manage the countries limited FCY resource. The current mechanism for handling the FCY data of the country is limited on manual work which take some time to consolidate and may lead to human error. This project work has aimed to design and implement web based systems that can efficiently manage the inflow and outflow of FCY. Requirements have been collected from NBE and Commercial banks. The design and implementation of the system is done in accordance to the identified functional and non functional requirements. Object oriented software engineering and ASP.NET 4.0 platform is used to develop the system. Accordingly, the whole required data which help to the decision making are collected and analyzed. In addition, the current required report also collected and a web based system with a client server architecture is developed and tested by NBE and commercial bank users. The test result shows that the system is very helpful, minimize handoffs and minimize human effort, most importantly it is user friendly and easy to use. In general the project will minimize human interaction, produce timely and accurate report for prompt decision. Keyword : Foreign transaction control system , Foreign currency exchange control system



. Foreign Transaction Control System ; Foreign Currency Exchange Control System