The Effect Financial and Non-financial Reward on Employees Performance the Case of East Africa Holdings: Lion Brands PLC

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess The Effect of Financial and Non-Financial Reward on Employees Performance in East Africa Lion Brands Plc.. The study adopted an explanatory research design. Out of 270 target population a sample size of 162 was taken using Yemani’s statistical formula and responses of 151 employees were analyzed. Data was collected using structured questionnaires and using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 20 the data were analyzed . Different Statistical tools were used; Pearson product-moment correlation and multiple regression were used to examine the relationship and effect of Financial and Non-Financial Reward on Employee Performance . Descriptive statistics frequency tables were used to provide data on the variables. The validity of the instrument was checked and internal consistency of the instrument was measured using Cronbach Alpha. Hypotheses were established to verify the effect of all the independent variables (base pay, Variable pay, recognition and training and development) on the dependent variable (Employees’ Performance). The findings indicated that variable pay, recognition and training and development have significant relationship with employee performance. The results prove that Financial and Non-Financial reward are important predictor that have an effect on employee performance. The company must be able to improve and pay more attention to the provision of reward consisting the variables in a fair manner in accordance with employee performance contributions in order to improve, employee performance



Performance, Financial Reward, Non-Financial Reward