Learners and academic staffs' environmental knowledge, attitude, intention and behavior (the case of Adama university

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Addis Ababa Universty


Environmentally speaking, Ethiopia is in poor health due to deforestation, degradation, excessive loss of fertile top soil, over grazing and waste disposal. The existing environmental problems manifest crisis of values, beliefs, knowledge and ideas. Despite the existing problematic reality, Ethiopian Education Policy and Environmental Policy give due regard to the well being of the environment and sustainable utilization of resources. Nevertheless, there is no available research done in Ethiopian higher institutions on whether students and academic staffs have promising environmental knowledge, attitude, intention and behavior. Besides, the relationships and linear predictive powers of environmental knowledge, attitude, intention and behavior are not studied in order to design a cohe~ent environmental education system. To examine the above issues, examinations of environmental knowledge, attitude, intention and practice were developed and conducted at Adama University. First year Business and Technical students and academic staffs were the target population, selected using stratified and simple random sampling. The findings reveal that both students and academic staff do not have low environmental knowledge. Similarly, their attitudes are neutral. ' Both groups also exhibit an infrequent habit of environmental practice activities. As to relationships of environmental knowledge, attitude, intention, and practice, they show positive relationships among one other, having differences in strength. Besides, learners and academic staffs environmental knowledge predicts their attitude, intention and practice, showing differences in explanation power. ':. Thus, there is a need to arm the community of higher learning In particular and the public in general with the r~quired experiences and understanding of environmental knowledge, attitude, intention and practice in an integrated and holistic manner.