Identifying causes and associated factors of neonatal mortality among neonates admitted to neonatal intensive care unit in governmental hospitals Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2020.

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Addis Abeba University


Background: Ethiopia has made a considerable improvement in reducing child mortality. However, neonatal mortality is still a concern which needs priority attention.Little is known about factors affecting neonatal mortality in Ethiopia among those admitted toNICUs in Addis Ababa governmental hospitals. Neonatal mortality is still accounts the largest proportion of under five deaths the same situation was also seen in the MDG. Objective: To assess neonatal mortality and associated factors among newborns admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit in governmental hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2020. Method: Retrospective cohort study design was conducted in Addis Ababa selected governmental hospitals at NICUs from March 25 th , 2020 to April 30 th , 2020. Data was collected using data extraction after conducting the pre - test. Data was entered into the EPi-data version 4.6 and exported to SPSS for window version 26.0 for cleaning, editing, and analysis. Binary and multiple logistic regressions were used to observe the association (P-value ≤0. 25 for binary and P-value < 0.05 for multiple) between independent variables and a dependent variable. Results: The study included 298 neonates died after admission to NICUs in Addis Ababa selected governmental hospitals. Among all deaths the major causes of neonatal mortality are cardio respiratory arrest secondary to (prematurity, respiratory distress) were 43.6%, sepsis secondary to overwhelming were 25.5% and perinatal neonatal asphyxia were 16.4%. In this study results showed that, there was statistically significance association found between neonatal mortality within the first week were antenatal care follow up (AOR=0.22, 95% CI: 0.11-0.44), neonates birth weight1500-2499gram (AOR=0.41, 95% CI: 0.17-0.97), neonates admitted with pre-term problem (AOR=2.36, 95% CI: 1.01-5.51)and neonates admitted with perinatal neonatal asphyxia (AOR=2.91, 95%, CI: 1.28-6.64). Conclusion: In general, this study showed that has described different variables such as sociodemographic factors, obstetric factors, and diagnosis on admission and possible causes of neonatal death.The major causes of neonatal mortality were cardio respiratory arrest secondary to prematurity, respiratory distress, infection and birth asphyxia as identified by this study. Both maternal and neonatal risk factors for neonatal mortality were identified in this study.



Neonatal mortality, causes, Neonatal intensive care unit, Ethiopia